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Episode 897: Paradise

What the… Jesse guessed he’d dozed off. It wasn’t that late, but there wasn’t much else to do other than snooze when you were low on energy and laid up in a hospital bed healing from what had hopefully been life-saving surgery.

So, yeah, he knew he’d been asleep, but, maybe he was still asleep? It was too odd to be real. Halloween had already happened without him.

“Um, hello,” he tentatively said to the shadowy figure with their back to him, and at the same time he pinched his arm, which didn’t change anything, so he had to already be awake, right?

“Oh. Darn. I didn’t mean to wake you yet. I wanted everything set up first.”

He’d know that voice anywhere. Sure enough when she turned around the faint glow from the pumpkins and the windows of small cardboard houses, allowed him to just make out the lower half of her face beneath the Zorro mask that matched her caped costume.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Caroline said, stepping close to his bed. “Is it okay?”

“It’s great.” He smiled even though he still wasn’t entirely sure of whatever this was she’d set up in his hospital room, but it involved Caroline, so he liked it.

“I know we’re older and we’re supposed to think everything about Halloween is lame except for partying. But since neither of us are really the hard partying type, I thought maybe you’d still appreciate the kid aspects of the holiday and feel bummed that you missed out. I thought I could bring Halloween to you. So, we have pumpkins and these little houses I made, and they all light up with flameless candles so you don’t have to worry it will burn the place down or anything. Inside each little door is bunches of candy so we can trick or treat without anyone judging that we’re too old and just walking around the room shouldn’t be too tiring for you, right? Oh, and I brought a costume for you, or well, a mask anyway. Nate told me that he gave you get-well Spiderman pajamas and he promised he’d get you to wear them tonight, so, ta-da!”

She held out a spiderman mask to him. “What do you think?” Caroline’s pretty face cringed awaiting his verdict.

“You’re not going to tell anyone at school that I love my spiderman pajamas are you?”

She made a lock and throw away the key gesture to her lips.

“In that case,” Jesse said, “I guess I can let you know that this non-Halloween is my favorite Halloween ever.”

Episode 898: Thankful

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