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Episode 896: Full Service

Katherine carefully approached the waiting area aware from her many years of experience that families overreact or rush to emotional conclusions at first sight of the physician involved.

True to form, the parents and younger brother leapt to their feet with drained, worried expressions.

“It looks good,” Katherine was quick to assure them. “There’s still the observation period I told you about, we need to get through that, but it does look good.”

Lila threw her arms around Katherine and hugged her tight.

Lila exclaimed, “I love you!”

Katherine knew it was just what you say in a moment not a fondness Lila could genuinely feel for Katherine as a mentor or mother-figure or whatever, not after all that happened.

Still, it felt good to Katherine. She felt good to have brought this young family happy news, and, it made her all the more determined to keep a firm handle on the situation as she charged into her other patient’s room.

Katherine ignored the young woman who had accompanied him to the hospital and without invitation trailed Katherine into the room.

Although she could see he was still a touch groggy, Katherine was certain he understood her as her tone made it clear the importance of heeding her warning. “I expect we’re on the same page here, as long as you are in this hospital, you are to stay in this room, no wandering about, no making your presence known. You claim you want to remain anonymous, then you’d best act like it.” She let the or else, be implied.

Episode 897: Paradise

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