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Episode 895: Rules Don't Apply

“What was that about?” Lila asked. Truth was, she wasn’t all that interested in anything other than hearing that her son had made it through the procedure safely. She figured she should at least try to find some distraction as Bowie had encouraged her to do by suggesting they go for a short walk on the hospital grounds. He’d thought the crisp autumn air might help them breathe a bit easier. So far, for Lila, it wasn’t working.

“That was Ava.” Bowie slid his phone into his pocket. “They won’t be able to sotp by later, she’s really sorry, she feels so badly about not being here with us.”

“Of course you defend her, I hear it in your voice,” Lila snapped. “Once a saint, always a saint, huh? Even when she ditches us for her bookstore? Only Ava would still come out smelling like friend of the year material after making a selfish choice like that!”

Bowie and Nate stopped walking. Lila saw her husband and son exchange a look.

“What?” Lila asked. “Was I a little harsh? It doesn’t seem harsh to me to expect your so-called friends to-”

“Sebastian isn’t feeling well. He was fine when he was here, now not so much. Ava thinks it’s all in his head, after seeing sick people in the hospital he got phantom symptoms. He is capable of being pretty dramatic. Anyway, she thinks there’s no real reason to worry, especially since he hardly spent any time here with us this morning, but since she spends so much time with him to be on the safe side she’s staying away so she doesn’t pass anything on to us. They’re sending over takeout and Ava offered to video chat in lieu of actual hand holding if we need it.”

“Oh. Huh.” Lila stared at her feet. “Well. I guess she is living up to her saintly rep, meantime, I’m living up to my bitc-”

“Nate and I don’t think that, Bas and Ava wouldn’t either. This is a stressful situation, even Sebastian’s convinced himself he’s sick, that’s kind of crazy, but understandable I guess on some level, I mean, we all feel like we’re losing it to some degree. You feeling like you need to let off some steam by ranting at our friends, it’s understandable, too. We’re all on edge.” He wrapped his arms around her.

Episode 896: Full Service

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