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Episode 894: The Secret

“I was afraid no one would show up,” Coco Nueva said, tightening her long dark ponytail.

“Me, too,” Ava confessed, “but so far so good.”

Two months before, Coco had stopped in at the book store with a galley copy of her debut fantasy novel, asking if Ava wanted to read it, and if maybe they could set up some sort of author event at the store if Ava liked the book.

Ava had loved it and thought it had the potential to become a big-time bestseller and she liked the idea of being the one to introduce it to her customers. It had occurred to her that it might make the perfect launch for a book club for the store. Not only would it build a certain trust with the customers if Ava recommend something they ended up really loving, but having the author there to interact with would be great incentive for people to join in the club for the first time.

Fortunately, Coco had been thrilled with the idea, too, even offering to come in to the store for several hours on the book’s launch day to sign autographs and chat with potential readers in addition to agreeing to a reading and discussion session in a month’s time.

“It seemed like the campaign worked,” Ava happily noted. Both she and Coco had put in a ton of time online, in the store and on the street using various methods of getting the word out.

“Even some of the customers who came in here with no idea about the book club have seemed really receptive so far, too,” Coco said. “When I stopped in here that day, at most I thought maybe you’d let my sign books for twenty minutes in a far off dusty corner or you’d give my book decent shelf placement. This is so much more exposure than I’d expect for a nobody’s first book. Thank you so much.”

“You’re helping the store just as much,” Ava assured her. “We need events to draw in people, get people excited about reading.” The number of books they’d already sold that morning allowed Avalon to feel a little less guilty about not being able to be there for Bowie and Lila until the end of the day, at least her delay in being there for her friends hadn’t been entirely for nothing.

Avalon’s pleased feeling, however, fell away the moment Sebastian walked in and she finally noticed the clock on the wall, that it was much later already than she’d thought. She promised Coco she’d be back in a minute and hurried over to Sebastian.

“Is everything okay? Why were you gone so long? You look really pale. Is it Jesse?”

“He’s good as far as I know, they promised to call, so… It’s just… Once I drove back here, I sat in the car for awhile… I… There’s something I should tell you. I’m pale because… I just don’t feel well… It might be a good idea if we steer clear of the hospital.”

Episode 895: Rules Don't Apply

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