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Episode 893: Sorry Not Sorry

Sebastian ducked back around the nearest corner and backed up flat against the wall, suddenly breathless. This wasn’t like their interrupted wedding. He couldn’t tell himself it was just a glance, or just his imagination, he hadn’t for sure seen anything.

He’d for sure seen this. Xavier.

About the only good to come of the sighting was that Xavier hadn’t seen him, so when he kept this from Ava it couldn’t come back to bite him, Xavier couldn’t say that Bas had chosen not to tell her, that he’d kept another secret from her.

Bas scrubbed his hands over his face. This couldn’t just be a coincidence, Xavier at the hospital, on this day. He had to be the donor.

Fury piled up on top of all the anxiety swirling inside him. In addition to the clinic, his mother had always maintained an office at the hospital as well, and Sebastian charged the entire distance there, and he didn’t bother to knock.

His mother looked up from the file folder on his desk with an exasperated expression. “Sebastian, ordinarily I would be thrilled that you paid me a visit, however, I’m just about to-”

“Stab your son in the back?”

“What? I would never-”

“Why didn’t-” Bas choked up. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

His mom came out from behind her desk, hesitating a moment before pulling him into an embrace. Sebastian stepped back. “Don’t hug me! Why would I want you to hug me?”

“Because you’re on the verge of tears and I’m your mother.”

“You’re the person who didn’t even warn me that Xavier is back in our lives.”

“Oh. That’s what this is about? You found out? Have you told anyone else?”

“Yeah, mom, that was my first thought when I saw him, let me go tell Ava that the guy she chose to marry before she settled for me is-”

“This is why I didn’t tell you. You’re getting yourself upset over nothing. You won’t tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone. And he wants this to remain anonymous, he thinks it’s just the right thing to do, he doesn’t know his connection to Jesse. All he’s concerned with is not becoming famous again so he certainly won’t be voluntarily announcing anything to anyone, he wants to stay hidden. It’s going to be fine, Sebastian. I promise everything’s under control, and darling, don’t ever think she settled for you, that’s foolishness, you were the right choice, he was the mistake.”

Episode 894: The Secret

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