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Episode 890: Come Over

Nate partially opened the door, greeting her with a smile. Caroline immediately noted the pointy rainbow striped party hat atop his head.

“Am I crashing someone’s birthday party? I’m so sorry, I should have called first.” She wasn’t Jesse’s girlfriend anymore, she shouldn’t drop in like this anytime she pleased. That wasn’t their relationship anymore. She had to keep that in mind more often instead of just jumping into his life like she belonged there.

“It’s okay, it’s nobody’s birthday, it’s just with Jesse being in the hospital tomorrow, we’re having a little party just so nobody has time to get all nervous my dad said.”

“Oh, so it’s like a surprise party for Jesse.”

“Not a surprise, Jesse knew about it.”


Nate, a smart kid, obviously caught the desolate note in her tone. “He didn’t invite any of his other friends either. You know Jesse, he doesn’t like to make a big deal about this stuff, being sick and everything.”

Caroline nodded. But she wasn’t like his other friends. She’d been there with him, going through this alongside him from the start. Sure, he’d tried to shut her out for awhile, but lately she’d thought… She nodded. “It’s not like I’m his girlfriend anymore, I get that he wouldn’t invite me, I understand, totally.” She nodded again. “Maybe you could give him this.”

She held out the shopping bag, which Nate made no effort to accept. “It’s just some things for while he’s recuperating,” Caroline explained. “I wasn’t sure if non-family could be there at the hospital tomorrow so if you could give that to him, I’ll leave you to your party. I don’t want to be here when he doesn’t want me here.”

“I do want you,” Jesse said, suddenly appearing next to Nate.

Nate snickered slightly and left them, saying he was going to stuff his face while Jesse was too busy to watch.

“I can’t really eat much before the operation,” Jesse explained. “It makes for a really great party. Um, anyway, so what I just said, I meant I want you here at the party, if you want to stay, I wasn’t making a move on you, I wouldn’t.”


“I mean because you have a boyfriend Caro, not because I suddenly find you grotesque. I don’t. I really don’t.”

Caroline smiled. “Oh, okay, well, I just brought some things for while you’re stuck in the hospital, some graphic novels and activity books, and a couple games you could play with Nate or your mom and dad.”

“Or you?” Jesse asked. “If you want. I should have invited you tonight. I just get really… stupid about things sometimes. All that matters I guess is that I want you around, especially if you want to be.”

“I want to be.”

Episode 891: Good Thing

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