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Episode 888: Sitting Waiting Wishing

Lila carefully climbed out of bed, hoping she wouldn’t wake Bowie, just because she couldn’t sleep, it didn’t mean he shouldn’t. She wandered into the kitchen and switched on the light before padding over to the refrigerator.

Katherine had insisted Lila take home a large selection of the leftovers from the party, so they overflowed with food options at present. It was nice of Katherine to think of her family, groceries did add up, especially when you had medical bills to pay as well.

Katherine had actually been fairly nice throughout the day, even though throwing a party of that magnitude could be super stressful.

Lila sat at the table and stabbed her fork into a slice of cheesecake. There was one area Katherine hadn’t been so nice about and Lila couldn’t stop stewing over it.

Bowie walked into the kitchen just then, groggy and shirtless. He kissed her temple. “How come you can’t sleep? I thought you said the party went well, that a few guests even asked you for your card. Was that… not exactly true? It’s okay, you know, you could have told me, everyone has their bad days at work, I sure have, it-”

“I really did connect with some potential clients, it did go well, but things with Katherine not so much, so I’m seeing if the Golden Girls had the right idea about cheesecake as the ultimate comfort food.”

“What did she say to you?” Bowie asked as he pulled a chair closer and sat beside her, taking her hand. “I thought she was being okay to you now after everything with Nate, and now Jesse. I thought she’d finally figured out how to be a thoughtful human being.”

“She is being okay to me, but it’s her definition of okay, not mine. She and I have very different ideas about the donor.”

“I thought we were all happy about the donor. Why wouldn’t we all be happy about the donor? What’s wrong?”

“There’s still days to wait, what if this person backs out before then? Katherine says to leave it alone, respect that they want to be anonymous, but I’d just feel so much more secure if I could tell this person about Jesse, about how much he means to us, how much this donation means to us. I just am so afraid they’ll back out and we’ll be back at square one, running out of time.”

Lila teared up and Bowie wrapped his arms around her.

“You’re not going to want to hear this,” he said after a moment. “But, I think you should listen to Dr. Marques. Wait and wish and hope for the best, and if that doesn’t happen, then we figure out who this person is, we hire someone to find out then, but only then, okay? I’m just afraid if we don’t respect their anonymity, that’s what will scare them off, not the donation, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.”

Episode 889: Forever And Always

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