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Episode 878: Ghost Town

“Lila’s considering searching for Xavier to be Jesse’s donor. It’s a good idea, he-”

“We never found him, we looked. We should tell her not to waste time. Everyone needs to forget about him and focus on finding a more viable donor.” Especially since Sebastian felt like he would soon need a donor for a fresh heart what with the way his was wildly beating out of his chest.

“Maybe he can’t be found,” Ava agreed, “probably, but obviously they need to try every possible angle for Jesse. If they found him, I know he’d help, he’s a good person.”

“Good people don’t ditch you the way he did,” Bas reminded her. The fact that he had to remind her made panic rise even stronger in his chest. He had to remind himself that no one knew where this guy was, this was still nothing, Xavier was just a ghost, nothing real, not yet. She’d married him, not the rock star.

“He probably thought he left for my own good,” Ava said. “He wasn’t trying to be cruel, he thought I was better off without him.”

“He was right.”

Avalon frowned at him. She crossed her arms. “Xavier went through a lot growing up, it left him very bruised inside and led to some serious struggles, but he really wasn’t a bad guy.”

She started pacing again. She shook her head. “If only Lila had told him about Jesse from the start.”

“So Jesse could have a screwed up undependable drug addict for a father instead of a good guy?”

“Maybe it would have been good for Xavier,” Ava said, “maybe being there for a child would have finally shown him that he does have some value.”

“And what?” Xavier was anxious even talking about this guy, and his anxiety was rapidly spiraling into fear and anger that he knew wasn’t going to help anything yet he was powerless to stop it from spewing out of his mouth. “This history re-write, the Xavier who becomes father of the year, he never would have left you, right? Are you even thinking about Jesse here or is it about what might have been for you and Xavier? Are you thinking about what it would have been like to be married to him instead of me? I guess the question is, which one is looking better to you Avalon? The fantasy of him or the reality of me?”

Episode 879: I'm Stuck

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