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Episode 877: Just Like Fire

“We did a decent amount of business at the store,” Sebastian reported as he walked into the living room shortly after coming home.

Normally Ava would have expressed some pleasure over a decent day at the store, but it was like she hadn’t even noticed he was there, she just kept pacing the floor.

He exchanged a look with the cat, Shelby, on the sofa, she didn’t have an answer for him other than a purr.

After several attempts to catch Avalon’s attention with words, he gently grasped one of her shoulders. “Hey, what’s up?”

He wondered if maybe the kid’s health had taken a turn for the worst since Ava had spent the afternoon helping out Lila.

“Why didn’t they say anything before? Way before?” Ava asked, “when he was actually around?”

“I’m lost,” Sebastian said. “Who are we talking about?”


Sebastian reacted with what felt like a full body flinch. “Why would we talk about him?”

Ava nodded. “You don’t know. It’s unbelievable, really, or at least it was until I compared photos, you can see it if you really look, it pretty much confirms what Lila told me this afternoon that Xavier is Jesse’s biological father.”

“Wow.” Sebastian made his eyes go wide, hoping it would mimic the shock she would think he should feel at this news. The only thing that would make this situation more of a nightmare would be if Avalon discovered that he’d known this already and had purposely not shared this with her.

“So, um,” he had to clear his throat with all his nerves piling up in there. “Why did Lila suddenly tell you this?” Had they found Xavier? Had Bowie gone behind his back to look for Xavier on his own? Or had Lila gone behind everyone’s back? Wasn’t she supposedly his friend? Couldn’t she have at least warned him so maybe he wouldn’t have had this moment where it felt like his whole world had just been lit up in flames and he was unprepared to fight them? Though maybe that was his fault, maybe he should have been prepared for this moment, for seeing his wife weirding out over the guy she’d originally planned to marry.

Episode 878: Ghost Town

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