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Episode 876: Get Ready

“You’re thinking about finding him to be a donor?”

Lila nodded. No wonder she was even more stressed than she’d already appeared days before.

“What finally prompted this?” Ava gently asked, it was a course of action that had occurred to her months before. “Has Katherine said time is becoming an issue?”

“No, not really. I mean, obviously the longer he waits the greater the chance he’ll-” Lila shook her head and dabbed her eyes. “She hasn’t said we’re in the most dire place yet. I just, I don’t know how long it might take to find him, if he’s even going to be found. What if we put off looking for him for too long? But at the same time, what if he can’t help, what if this opens up a whole other mess for Bowie and Jesse, for nothing? That’s why I wanted to talk through the pros and cons with someone first.”

“You promise you really will talk to Bowie, too? You won’t revert to your old secret-keeping self, this guy won’t suddenly pop up one day, blindsiding Bowie, or you won’t try to somehow make the donation happen behind everyone’s back?”

“If I was going to do that we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. And maybe we shouldn’t. Katherine did say he’s no worse, so maybe I shouldn’t jump the gun, maybe a donor will still come along without all the baggage.”

“Bowie and Jesse love each other so much, I don’t think you need to worry about this guy coming between them. You and Bowie have stayed together through a lot, you can survive whatever this guy brings with him, you can do whatever you have to do to save Jesse.”

“I need to tell you something else,” Lila said. “This won’t just complicate my family, it might complicate yours, too. If we need to find him, that’s what we’ll do, and I am sorry if it messes you up, but at least I can warn you right now so you won’t be blindsided either. I don’t want you to walk into the hospital to support us and run smack into him unprepared.”

“Why would I need to prepare to see Jesse’s biological father?” Ava asked. “I don’t understand. What does that have to do with me?”

Episode 877: Just Like Fire

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