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Episode 875: Lean On Me

“Thanks for helping me with these,” Lila said. She and Ava sat at Lila’s kitchen table addressing invitations following the technique they’d just learned from an online hand-lettering tutorial. “I know I should be doing all this on my own, it’s my job and I can’t even really pay you, but I just felt so swamped.”

“It’s a big undertaking without a lot of notice, I remember how tough it is to juggle so much stuff. Anyways, I’m happy to help, I’ve always liked doing crafty sorts of things, plus, I’m hoping that while I’m doing something creative it’ll spark my imagination to come up with ideas for getting people into the store this summer instead of shopping online, even though it kind of feels like fighting a losing a battle.”

“I’m familiar with those,” Lila said. “I wasn’t sure if you’d be willing to help today, considering who it’s for, and I thought maybe you’d judge me for taking the job. I really, really debated it when Katherine offered me the job. I’m still not sure if it makes me horrible or a hypocrite to work for her after everything. It’s one thing to go to her as a doctor, she’s supposed to be the best, but this? Bowie said most people hate their bosses and it doesn’t stop them from working for them. He’s been really supportive, he said she owes me this chance.”

“I agree,” Ava said. “You’ve been trying really hard the last few years to make better choices, good things should happen for you, like your career taking off. The people at this party could really give you a boost, it’s the least she owes you for the position she put you in. We just need to stop thinking that you’re helping her and instead think of it as a stepping stone, the same way she and her husband would do to us.”

“You’re pretty fierce when you want to be,” Lila said. “I like it. There was a time I really wouldn’t have thought you had it in you.”

They exchanged smiles and for a few minutes they returned to their work on the invitations before Lila blurted out, “I’m falling so far behind on this job, I can’t hardly concentrate on anything other than Jesse and how he might...”

Tears fell and Ava hugged her.

“You know, you can talk to me like this anytime, you don’t have to put up the positive front like you’ve been doing. I really am your friend.”

Lila digested that for a bit. “You were Bowie’s friend first and I mean I know your loyalty is still more with him, it should be, I get that. But you are my friend now, I do feel like that’s mostly true, so I’m wondering if maybe I could run something past you, and could you not tell him right away? I promise I won’t keep it a secret, I’ll talk to him before I actually do anything, I just want to talk it out with someone first.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about Jesse’s biological father.”

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