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Episode 871: Say Say Say

Tansy entered the break room of the animal shelter, her insides a mix of trepidation and excitement.

June, the older lady who ran the place, was really nice, always saying something cheerful and kind when Tansy walked in from school, seemingly aware that Tansy often needed a boost after school. Plus June baked every bit as good as Tansy’s own grandmother. Then there were the animals who were just the best, some of them so cuddly and friendly, others tougher to know, Tansy adored them all, she hoped they’d find good homes someday and in the meantime it was the best feeling to give them all the care and love she could.

There was something else Tansy really really liked about the animal shelter, though it was also the thing that stirred up the trepidation in her stomach.

Every time, whether after school or on Saturday, Enid waited for Tansy so they could eat their snack together. Then Enid talked and talked as they ate and as they tended to the animals.

Enid talked about her parents, her sisters, things she learned in school, her favorite songs, movies, and other stuff like that.

Tansy liked Enid, she seemed as nice as June promised, and Tansy enjoyed listening to what Enid had to say, but sometimes Enid wanted Tansy to say things, too, and that was where Tansy became so nervous that she hardly dared say anything even though she had a ton to say.

Tansy just kept thinking, what if I say the wrong thing, what if she thinks I’m weird? So many friends had turned their backs on Tansy. So, even though she wanted to be the first to say hi when she walked into the break room, she wanted to ask if Enid had finished the fantasy book she’d been so excited about, Tansy kept quiet, she was too afraid, and for once Enid didn’t say anything either, nor had she waited to eat together.

Enid was already halfway done when Tansy sat down. Enid shoveled the rest of her treat in her mouth, gulped her milk and stood, headed off on her way to start their volunteer work, without Tansy by her side.

Tansy felt like she might cry. It took all her courage to speak up when Enid’s hand gripped the doorknob. “What did I do wrong?” Tansy asked.

Episode 872: Green Light

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