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Episode 868: Anytime You Need A Friend

“This is nice, we don’t see you around here nearly enough. This will brighten Justine’s day,” Michael said, when she and Quentin ran into each other in the empty reception area, the receptionist probably away at lunch or checking on her twins in daycare.

“She needs her day brightened?” Quent asked with some dread though not much surprise. Justine didn’t seem depressed exactly, but she definitely wasn’t in the best place since she'd had to let go of that theater account.

“Got a second?” Michael asked and nodded towards her office. Once they were behind the closed door, she said, “I can move things around so she’s free this afternoon if you two want to go just hang out or whatever, it’s a sunny day, I’m sure Hero would be glad to get out of daycare, too. Justine’s been very nose to the grindstone since we let go of the theater account. I really appreciate it, but it’s unnecessary, I’ve been telling her it’s okay, that I’m glad we found out about this guy, I didn’t want my employees put in a potentially damaging situation, better to stay on the side of caution. I thanked her for coming to me with her sister’s story, but she’s still so intent on making it up to me no matter how many times I tell her there’s nothing to make up for. She’s a good worker, your wife, but I consider her an even better friend and I’d like nothing more than for my friend to relax for the afternoon at least.

Quentin nodded, glad that Justine’s boss was also an understanding friend to her. “Thanks, that would be really great. The garage isn’t that busy today, I probably don’t need to go back this afternoon. I’ll see if I can talk her into going somewhere.”

“Tell her I’m one hundred percent good with the idea, maybe that will help sway her.”

“I also thought I’d ask her to do a small amount of p.r. for the garage, that’s actually why I stopped by, but since you’re saying she’s overworking, maybe that’s not the best idea. Money-wise it won’t compete with the account she wants to make up for anyway.”

“It might make up for it another way though,” Justine said. “She was so enthusiastic about including her sister on this project, helping Adria re-shape her career. I don’t think she’d be half as down about losing the account if it weren’t for losing the opportunity to do something good for her sister, so maybe the next best thing would be feeling like she’d been of some help to her husband.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Quent said.

“Great minds.”


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