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Episode 867: Feel

Lila opened the door. It was the middle of the day, she’d thought maybe it was a delivery person since she’d shopped online maybe more than she should have lately given that her burgeoning party planner business wasn’t quite as burgeoning these days - she found it increasingly hard to throw her whole heart into anything. The deliveries gave her a brief burst of joy she otherwise struggle to feel at the moment.

But it wasn’t a delivery at her door, it was that other thing, it was that thing the deliveries helped push to another area of her mind. It was Dr. Katherine Marques.

Lila burst into tears, relieved. There had to be a donor. Why else would Katherine show up at her door? She’d done her best to think about anything other than Jesse’s illness, to not cry, to not let it crumble her. Now she could acknowledge how desperate the situation had been, she could admit to how desperate they’d been for a donor now that it was done, now that she knew he’d be okay.

“No, I’m sorry, that’s not why I’m here. There isn’t a donor yet, “Katherine replied.

Lila’s tears immediately changed from relief to fear and in a blubbery voice, she asked, “does this mean you’re here because he’s worse now? He doesn’t seem worse, unless he’s been hiding it again, we always have someone with him,” she grimaced, “almost always.”

“He’s not worse,” Katherine said. “He’s not better, but he isn’t worth.”

Maybe that should have reassured her a bit, maybe it should have stopped her tears, but it didn’t. Lila didn’t want to go down this road. She didn’t want to give in to how emotional and vulnerable she felt, especially with Katherine Marques, who didn’t have a history of showing her kindness.

But Katherine hugged Lila. It was weird, yet obviously sincere and it helped.

When the embrace ended, Katherine said, “I know you consider me some sort of monster, but I promise you, when it comes to my patients I’m a superhero. I fight tooth and nail to save them, that’s what I’m doing for your son. I hope we’ll have good news soon, in the meantime, I thought you could use a distraction so I have an offer to make you.”

Episode 868: Anytime You Need A Friend

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