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Episode 866: In My Daughter's Eyes

Quent spied Xavier returning from his lunch break. He decided it was time for a break of his own, he’d meant to have a conversation with Xavier earlier, but he had a lot on the go and things kept getting away from him.

He flagged down his friend and employee, and asked him to take a seat in his office.

“Did I mess up an order?” Xavier asked. “Store something away in the wrong place? Or not clean up well enough after-”

“No, it’s not about your work, your work is great, you’re a big help around here. I’ve been meaning to grab you to talk about Tansy, to thank you for going with her to that animal shelter. I haven’t seen her this happy or excited about anything in a long time. I just wanted to say how much Justine and I appreciate the way you step up for Tansy whenever she asks, it means a lot to know she has someone else she can depend on, the more the better.”

“She reached out to me when most people wouldn’t have, I’ll never forget that. She’s a really good kid, your daughter.”

“She has good heart,” Quent agreed, and thinking of what a good heart his daughter had, reminded him of something his heart had the best of intentions with, yet he’d neglected. He dug through the papers on his desk and found the posters his brother-in-law had made to find donors for that poor kid. He shook his head disgusted with himself.

“I should have put these up days ago,” he said, “something like this shouldn’t have slipped my mind, it’s been busy around here and I’m trying to work out a way to maybe hire Justine for a small promotional thing for the garage… still, I should have gotten this done, the boy needs all the help he can get. My good-hearted little girl would not be thrill with me letting that slip.”

“You have a lot going on with work and other stuff,” Xavier said, and reached out, taking the donor posters from Quent’s hand. “I’ll take care of these, you work out your Justine thing and we’ll both make Tansy proud.”

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