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Episode 865: The Right Stuff

“What do I do?” Tansy whispered once they’d stepped inside the animal shelter.

“You just go up to that lady at the desk and ask if they need any volunteers,” he said.

“What if she asks me questions?”

“Well, you’ve never been in prison and you’re not in the habit of pulling wings off butterflies, so I’m pretty sure you’ll pass whatever test she has for you.”

“I don’t know, I-”

“How about I break the ice for you?” He didn’t wait for her response, he approached the desk and said, “excuse me,” to the elderly lady who had her head bent over studying some papers in front of her.

“Oh,” the woman looked up, “yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you two come in, I was just wrapped up in some work. How can I help you folks? Are you interested in pet adoption? We have ever so many furry friends who would love to have a forever home.”

“How about while they’re living here?” He asked. “Do you need more help around here? My friend, Tansy,” he gestured to her since she’d yet to work up the courage to make her way entirely to the desk, “she’d very much like to volunteer if you have room for her. She’s the most loving, responsible kid you’ll meet.”

“And presumably she speaks for herself?”

Before any answer could be given to the woman’s question, another voice cried out. “Oh, no! Come back! Come back!”

A wet, shampoo-lathered dog raced down the hall, with a girl somewhere near Tansy’s age, chasing after it. Tansy didn’t even hesitate when the dog came at her. She didn’t dodge the little guy, she reached down and with some difficulty scooped up the animal, managing to hold onto him despite the squirming and the licking.

The other girl hurried over, and with some difficulty, they transferred the dog into her arms, and eventually he settled in. “Thanks so much for grabbing him,” the girl said. “I’m so not coordinated, it would have taken me years to catch her, so thank you for the help. I’m sorry for ruining your outfit, I’m sure dirt and dog shampoo probably isn’t the look you were going for.”

“It’s okay, it’ll wash off.”

“Thanks for having such a cool attitude.” The girl warily turned to the elderly woman. “I’m sorry he got away from me.”

“It happens to the best of us at doggy bath time, dear, the more you do it, the stronger your reflexes will become to stop them from bolting, even then they’ll sometimes slip by, they’re sly. And, as for you, miss,” the woman turned her attention to Tansy, “you spoke for yourself through your actions just now. I like a lady who cares more about an animal than she does about her wardrobe. I think you’ll fit in quite nicely here.”

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