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Episode 863: Help

Quent looked over his finances again, seeking more areas where he might trim costs. The garage was doing a decent amount of business, but he still had to search for the money to do what he wanted to do, which was hire his wife for a small public relations campaign, something where she could feel like she was helping out family to make up for things not working out with her sister.

It hadn’t exactly gone smoothly the last time Justine was involved with the garage, but that hadn’t been a job for her so much as a medical crisis. Things were different now.

Quentin rubbed his hands over his face. He hoped things were different now. It was just so damn difficult not to panic whenever she was down, not to worry over how tough it would to make her way up again.

“Hey,” Sebastian, Quent’s brother-in-law, knocked at the open doorway of Quentin’s office. “Is it a bad time?”

“No, it’s, well, yeah, but-” Quent gestured for Sebastian to close the door and sit. “It’s just a bad time because I was thinking about the mess with your sisters.”

“What mess?”

Quent explained about the theater project that Justine had bowed out of. “She’s feeling so guilty for not realizing it was the same guy sooner.”

“I doubt I would have put it together either,” Sebastian said. “It’s not like Addie big time confides in us, and it sounds like Justin did the right thing as soon as she could, she shouldn’t feel bad about it.”

“Maybe you could call her or see her, and tell her that. Adria and I have told her pretty much the same thing, but it might help to hear it from another person.”

“I’ll definitely call or stop by. I guess a better brother would have been up on all this stuff, though in my defense I’ve been caught up on something else.” Sebastian handed Quent a piece of paper.

Quentin nodded in recognition. The paper asked for donors for the boy who had passed out at the wedding. “Justine and I were tested, but we haven’t heard back, so I guess… The poor kid and his family must be going through hell.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely hell,” Bas agreed. “I was hoping you’d post that somewhere in the garage, the more people tested, the better the odds-”

“Sure, give me a few of them, I’ll put them up where the customers and staff will see them. I’ll make sure I mention it to everyone, too.”

Episode 864: C'Mon Get Happy

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