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Episode 862: Problem

Ava followed Sebastian into their home after a long day and night at the store. She settled cross-legged on the floor greeting her cat, Shelby, with cuddles. She looked up at the sound of Sebastian’s softly whispered curse word and saw a frown on his face. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

He shoved his phone back into his pocket. “No word from my mother yet.”

“You mean about a match? She probably hasn’t checked yet. She does have to sleep sometime, and when she does test the samples it probably takes more than a minute.”

“Yeah, well, I wish it wouldn’t. I just want to be able to tell Bowie to back off, I mean, tell him and Lila they can back off from worrying so much.”

Ava nodded. “We all want to tell them that.” She stood and gave her husband a hug. “That was a really great idea you had today to have a donor drive at the same time as the biggest book release of the year happened. We had a good crowd, and then on top of that you coaxed so many non-customers in off the sidewalk, too. You’re doing everything in your power to help, and whether it works out or not, I really admire the all out effort, it just shows how much you’ve grown up. I’m really proud of you.”

Sebastian shook his head.

“You should be proud of you, too,” she said.

He shook his head again. He watched Shelby roll around on the floor. “We need to find Jesse a match before it’s too late.”

“I was talking to your mom today, she assured me it isn’t a dire situation yet.”

“But it could become one.”

“I know,” she quietly replied, her thoughts and heart going out to their friends, and Jesse, the poor kid, they all must be so scared. It prompted her to say something she’d been thinking over for the past few weeks. “There is another option. There’s finding Jesse’s biological father. I’ve been reluctant to bring it up for a million reasons, I mean, it’s a vulnerability for Bowie, and no judgment here, but maybe Lila doesn’t even know precisely who… Anyways, my point is, it could be the answer, even if it might be could be complicated, even if it might open up a huge can of worms for their family and for their relationship.”

“That’s the last thing any relationship needs,” Sebastian said.

“I know, I get that, but if it’s the difference between some possible drama or their son’s life, wouldn’t they rather weather that storm than have Jesse weather something worse, if he even can weather-”

“I’m sure they’ve thought of this Ava. I’m sure they’re talking about it. If and when that’s the approach they decide to take, they’ll let us know. Meantime, you of all people should know what a sensitive thing biological parents can be, so we should leave it alone, let them figure out what they want to do without pushing them on this.”

“Yeah, yes,” Ava nodded, “you’re right. If I’ve been thinking about it, they must have been, too. If the time comes when they need to find this guy, we’ll help.”

“Sure. Absolutely.” Sebastian checked his phone and frowned again. “I’m just going to call my mom, find out when she’s testing the samples, there could be a match sitting in her office right now and we won’t need to bring some deadbeat into our – into their lives.”

Episode 863: Help

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