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Episode 860: Sisters

Justine took a shuddery breath and knocked on her sister’s door. She’d put off this visit which it had led to not sleeping through the night and feeling genuinely horrible. Her husband, Quent, insisted she talk to Addie this morning. He was certain Adria would react with understanding and then Justine could feel better about things, stop her thoughts from running in negative directions.

Adria opened the door, holding her baby girl, Miranda, her body language entirely unwelcoming. “It’s nice of you to stop by,” Addie said, “and it’s even nicer of you to think so much of my opinion that you’d invited me to chime in on your work, but I really am too busy with this one.” She sort of held out Miranda as proof. “And- oh, wait, hey, Justine, oh my goodness, I was so wrapped up in me that I didn’t notice you look like you haven’t slept. Is everything okay?”

“I need to talk to you,” Justine said, “but if you’re busy...”

“No, no, come in,” Adria ushered Justine to the sofa, then settled Miranda in her Aunty's arms before making some tea for herself and her sister.

“So,” Adria said with her cup of tea in hand as she took a seat beside Justine. “What’s going on? What can I do to help?” Adria assumed her big sister needed something from her, since needing something tended to be the only time Justine sought her out. They’d never been the closest sisters, maybe it was the age difference or maybe it was just how their family operated.

“It would help me out a lot if you could forgive me,” Justine said.

“Forgive you? For what? I’m not mad at you. I mean I didn’t really love having to resist that theater project. I don’t love that you threw that temptation in my path, but I know it was all about good intentions so I’m okay with it, there’s nothing to forgive, I guess should have made that clear. I’ve been really abrupt in responding to your offer, but I was just trying to draw a clear line with myself about sticking strictly to motherhood. I didn’t mean to take hard line with you as well.”

“I’m glad you’re not upset about that, I really just wanted to work together, but I do need your forgiveness for something else, for not paying attention.” Justine paused for a breath. “I know you had a problem with that director, but I didn’t realize he was the same guy who owns the theater that hired my PR firm. I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t make the connection on the name. I swear, the second I knew I dropped the project and Michael did, too. We wouldn’t work with someone who harassed you. I wish I’d realized it sooner, Addie, I know the ignorance I displayed in this makes it seem like I don’t care, I really do though, I promise.”

“I can see that, maybe I haven’t always seen or felt that from you, but I do right this minute.” Teary-eyed Adria and Justine embraced. It was a bonding moment, even if it wasn’t the way Justine had initially envisioned.

Episode 861: Girl At Home

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