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Episode 86: What Would You Do

"I donít understand why your mother summoned me like this itís creepy;" Ava shivered as they briskly walked the corridors.

"Yeah, well, I donít have the market cornered on creepy parents, but itíll be fine, youíll see," Bas assured her and grabbed up her hand in his as they walked the rest of the way to Katherineís office. He dropped her hand like a stone and knocked before they walked in.

"It was nice of you to drive her over Bassie, but Iíd like to speak to her privately, at times you can be... overwhelming," Dr. Marques said, taking a seat and fiddling with a folder.

"She doesnít mind," Sebastian insisted assuredly in the ticked off tone that had a habit of scaring people. He helped Avalon to her seat, she looked sort of wobbly, and he was beginning to wish he hadnít come but sheíd probably think he was a baby if he left.

"He can stay," the dark haired girl replied shakily, truth was, her mind was racing to so many dramatic conclusions that she barely noticed him there. It would have been a refreshing change from the past year or so, if sheíd been at all lucid.

"Okay," Katherine agreed with raised eyebrows. "Iíll just cut right to it, Iíve got your mother on a list for an experimental drug protocol, I talked it over with her this afternoon but she wanted your input as well before she made up her mind."

"Well, thatís great news then, why did you have to go and make it seem like we should be prepping for the funeral march?" Bas questioned thinking it was typical of his motherís mind games, especially since he was involved and he knew that she knew.

"Bassie!" Katherine said sternly and directed her full attention to Avaís far too hopeful eyes. "Do not let him pressure your decision, heís always been one for quick fixes, now hereís the bottom line, this could be some big miracle or it might speed up your motherís illness and youíll lose her even sooner than you would now. This is a very difficult decision Avalon; I want you to take your time."

Episode 87: Look Away

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