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Episode 856: Empire State Of Mind

“There’s definitely an upside to doing this on the wrong day in order to accommodate our work,” Phillip said as they waited for their meal to be brought to the intimate table for two. “At least the restaurant isn’t as overcrowded as it will be on Valentine’s Day.”

“It’s much more relaxed and relaxing, something neither of us get enough of with our schedules, it’s good to just have a quiet, easy night,” Katherine agreed, though it wasn’t long before they were both on their phones.

Eventually Katherine looked up from hers with a sigh. “I keep hoping one of these times I check my phone that boy will have a donor, or at least qualify for a study that might help him in the meantime.”

Phillip set his phone aside and reached across the table giving her fingers a squeeze. “There’s no finer doctor than you, you’ll see him through this.”

It was a heartfelt sentiment made all the more special because he’d actually stopped to listen and talk to her, something neither of them managed often enough. Beyond the watch Katherine intended to gift him later that evening for their early Valentine’s celebration, she wanted to give him her ears and her voice now. “You’ve been in a good mood of late, your work must be fairing better than mine, I’d like to hear about it.”

Phillip’s eyes brightened with excitement. “Well,” he said, “you know Calvin Baird.”

“Of course, my nose isn’t buried so deep in medical files that I don’t recall him from numerous occasions, not the least of which was our son’s almost wedding to Calvin’s daughter, Ava. I would certainly hope I’d remember someone who will be my fellow in-law at some point, never mind that the man is nearly as successful in the business world as you are.”

“Nearly is the key word,” Phillip said, with a grin. “Something has him less on the ball recently, it feels as though there may be an opportunity there, and I’m ready.”

“I can see you’re thrilled by this possibility,” Katherine said, “and I get that, I’m competitive by nature, too, it’ s fun to prove you’re the best, but, I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a potential casualty in this situation. Have you considered how Sebastian will react if you take advantage of Avalon’s father? You have noticed that how Sebastian feels about things is directly related to how Ava feels and somehow I don’t think watching her dad take a tumble will feel good to Avalon.”

Episode 857: Look Away

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