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Episode 855: All Too Well

Michael knocked on Justine’s office door. “Have you had lunch yet? I passed the best sub place on my way back from the meeting and couldn’t resist. I thought maybe you’d want some, too. You haven’t said anything about laying off carbs for the new year or anything.”

“I’m not sure dieting is the best way to maintain a steady mood, and I am starved, so lunch break sounds perfect to me.”

The two women sat on the sofa in Justine’s office, each agreeing after their first bite and sip that the subs and mixed fruit juice were a delicious choice.

“You mentioned moods, how that’s going? All seems well,” Michael said.

Justine’s emotional health wasn’t something she’d probably feel comfortable talking about with any other employer - she could only imagine how that would be for her dad’s employees - but she’d lucked out with Michael, she’d been supportive and accommodating from day one, which was such a luxury, and a comfort.

“I’m really good actually,” Michael said, “feeling solid. Things are smooth here, the garage isn’t doing gangbusters, but it’s steady and Hero, well, the childcare here is a blessing and it’s even more of a blessing that he’s genuinely enthusiastic about being there. And Tansy is getting out of the house more the past couple weeks, with her older cousin of all people, they didn’t used to get along, but for the moment having someone closer to her own age to hang out with seems to lift her spirits a bit. So yeah, fingers-crossed, the whole work-life balance thing is going surprisingly well at the moment.”

“I’m so glad, Just, it’s good to see you in this head space,” Michael said, “and I don’t want to mess with that, so if your workload is just right, feel free to pass on what I’m about to tell you, but if you’re interested, the meeting I just took landed us an exciting new count, that I want you to consider heading up.”

Michael explained that some buzzed about director had taken over an old theater and wanted them to do publicity. The art based accounts were always more fun that the corporate ones, so it was generous of Michael to pass on the job rather than keep it for herself, and thoughtful too, since Justine had mentioned she was trying to think of a way to connect with her little sister and ensure Addie didn’t isolate herself in baby land. What better way to do that than to solicit Adria’s input on publicity for a theater?

Episode 856: Empire State Of Mind

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