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Episode 854: All I Need Is A Miracle

“I’m telling you,” Bas said, following Bowie into the office building on their respective lunch breaks. “If anything had changed he would have let me know.”

“Probably, I just… waiting...” Bowie grimaced. “I was going to say waiting is killing me, but I mean, the real truth is that waiting might kill my son.”

That momentarily stopped Sebastian in his tracks, then he nodded and led the way to the elevators. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have complained, I know we’re here for a good reason. I just got a little too caught up in not wanting to spend time with my father-in-law, especially when he still doesn’t realize I’m his son-in-law. He’s not my biggest fan as it is, my only saving grace is he thinks Xavier’s even worse than I am.”

“But he is serious about bringing him into town for Jesse, isn’t he?” Bowie demanded as the elevator rose to the penthouse floor.

“Of course, Jesse is everybody’s top priority, and once that’s taken care of, we’ll make sure to keep him the hell away from my wife.”

“Once that’s taken care of,” Bowie echoed, “I wish I could feel as certain of that as you sound.”

Truth be told, Sebastian wasn’t as certain of anything as he wanted to be at the moment, but Bowie didn’t need the truth, he needed reassurance. “Maybe your instincts were right, maybe dropping by Cal’s office like this was a good idea. He could be on the phone right now getting the news and soon enough that wastoid will actually do something decent for a change.”

But Cal had no news for them.

Bowie fought back tears. Sebastian found it painful to watch, especially since a part of him was glad no one had managed to track down Xavier. Bas felt incredibly selfish for the thought. He did want Jesse to get well, truly, but was it too much to ask that the kid do so without bringing on a potential threat to Sebastian’s marriage?

“This has been a dead end for a lot of years,” he said to Bowie, “let’s focus on what we can do, there has to be another donor out there somewhere, we’ll concentrate on that, be proactive instead of expecting this guy to be the miracle that he isn’t.”

Episode 855: All Too Well

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