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Episode 853: Work From Home

“I’ve never been so tired at midnight in my whole life,” Adria said, following their kiss on the sofa to ring in the new year.

“Unfortunately, this one only has a passing acquaintance with the word tired,” Ryley noted as their little girl’s tiny fingers repeatedly pulled at his shirt, their child easily amused, though not so easily put to bed.

“The amazing thing is, she doesn’t even need beauty sleep,” Adria joked.

“You don’t need it either,” Ryley said, and he obviously wasn’t joking.

“I guess that’s an eye of the beholder thing,” she said, “I know one thing for sure, my insides definitely need more sleep than they’ve been getting.”

“Why don’t you get some sleep right now then? I’ll keep Miranda entertained until she drifts off.”

“It’s our anniversary, celebrating the night we met by sleeping alone isn’t exactly right.”

“It’s exactly right,” he insisted, “let rest be an anniversary gift.”

“You haven’t been sleeping all that well, either. It wouldn’t be fair-”

“I’m not dealing with it day and night, so when I’m not at the office, I want you to lean on me, that’s fair. It’s fair that you get some time to sleep and unwind and if sometime you get the urge, maybe work a little on that play you were so excited for last new year. Writing is something you can do right here in the house, beside her, in five minute spurts even if that’s all you’re comfortable with, and by the time you have something complete and polished up maybe you’ll be ready to be on stage again. I’m not saying this to lecture you or judge you like your parents, I’m just trying to think of ways you can still be you and be the mom you want to be at the same time, no pressure and no arguing, okay? It’s just a thought I wanted to float out there for the new year, if you’re into it, but only if you’re into it. I just want you to be happy.”

She nodded, she knew that was true, that he wasn’t with her parents, this was just his love for her, she couldn’t really fault him for his concern. “You’re a pretty great husband.” She pressed her lips to his and then to Miranda’s and then she stood. “I’m taking you up on that sleep offer, but only for a little while.” She really was beat, plus she wanted to show him that she could do the full-time mom thing in a healthy way, actually accepting help so he wouldn’t worry so much about her mental well-being. “Wake me once she’s down if you’re not too tired so we can still do our anniversary at least kind of right.”

“Okay.” He smiled. “And you’ll think about writing, too?”

“I will think about it.” She also said that so he wouldn’t worry. However in the quiet and darkness of her bedroom, as sleepiness overtook Adria’s willpower, her thoughts drifted off to creative places.

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