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Episode 852: Good Will To Men

Bowie left Ava and an unnaturally cheerful Lila on the sofa and moved into the kitchen where Sebastian poured himself a drink.

“Before you even ask, Ava’s dad stopped in this morning to open gifts before he flew off for some business thing, and he still doesn’t have any news. His guy is continuing to look, but I mean, it’s the same as it ever was, it’s like he fell off the face of the earth. I know you’re having trouble trusting me on this, and yeah, look, I’m human, it’s human to worry about what might happen if an ex comes back into the picture, but I promise, Jesse is the priority. I’ll talk to my dad today, see if he has someone who could look into it, too. It’s the right thing to do, I know.”

“Did you visit Tansy this morning,” Lucy asked, seated cross-legged beside Xavier on her sofa.

“Yeah,” he said after a sip of the extra chocolatey hot chocolate she’d made. “Tans seemed happier the last couple days, it’s been a pretty great Christmas gift to see, I’m hoping it lasts awhile.”

“I’ve seen it, too,” Lucy said. “I’m hoping she’s turned a corner.” They toasted that thought by clinking mugs.

“So,” he said, “I bought you something.”

“I bought you something, too.”

They opened them together. He gave her a small bottle of the perfume her grandmother had loved. She gave him a secondhand guitar, telling him that she knew he didn’t miss that life, but sometimes it sounded as though he missed music, and if he didn’t want his neighbors hearing, he could play at her place, she wouldn’t even listen if he didn’t want her to. But he wanted her to.

“Merry Christmas,” Curran managed without sneering though surely Paul knew the sneer was implied. He knew he wasn’t as welcome as Michael and Hope made it seem.

Curran wanted to strangle the guy for showing up on Christmas day under the guise of delivering presents on Lucy’s behalf. This had nothing whatsoever to do with Lucy. This was about this guy being both a coward and ballsy as hell. How long would it be before Paul worked up the courage to finally take legal action? Maybe never. But even so, if Paul continued to visit like this, Michael may at some point notice the slight resemblance between Paul and their daughter. What then? Would Michael offer Paul the same allowances as she’d offered Lucy, to be a part of Hope’s life? Easy enough to say that when Lucy appeared determined to keep her distance, Michael needn’t be concerned about her role being usurped, but Curran worried about his role as Hope’s father, a role maybe he hadn’t wanted in the beginning, now though, now he wouldn’t let it go without a bloody fight.

Episode 853: Work From Home

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