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Episode 848: Let's Go To Vegas

“Don’t hate me,” Sebastian said, rising from his chair at the kitchen table where he’d been scrolling through information on their laptop while keeping Avalon company as she cooked.

“Don’t hate me is a seriously ominous way to start a conversation.” Ava turned to face him, wrapping her oven mitt clad hands around her middle. “It’s been a long time since I’ve struggled with being attracted to you and hating you at the same time. I prefer liking you.”

“It’s not that ominous,” he promised. “Hate is the wrong word, it’s just that you might be a little annoyed that you spent half the day cooking only for me to suggest a change of plans.”

“Do you want to skip a peaceful Thanksgiving for two, to go to your parents’ place? I mean, I guess if you really want to, I’d do that for you. They are your family, I get that you’d crave their company today, even if their company isn’t always ideal.”

“I absolutely don’t want to go there. I was actually thinking that since we’re closed down the whole weekend to play up the point that we’re a store that puts family above profit-”

“We’re not just playing that up, that is who we are.”

“Yeah, okay, yes, anyway, that clears the way for us to go away for the weekend, and, you know, we don’t have to throw dinner in the fridge uneaten, forget that, it was a bad idea, we should still have plenty of time if we enjoy this amazing smelling meal first so your effort isn’t wasted, then go to Vegas.”

“Now there’s a family destination. Who spends Thanksgiving in Vegas?”

“People who were supposed to be married months ago. People who want to be married without any of the hassles and who can’t really do city hall comfortably.”

Ava nodded, not enthusiastically exactly, but not as if he were crazy for the suggestion either. “But Vegas?”

“There are some really nice chapels, it’s not all Elvis and showgirls. I know it’s not a sentimental place for us, it’s not what we planned, but it’s better than waiting forever, right? This way we can do this without feeling guilty for being happy in front of our friends, and without wondering if another crisis is going to hit mid-ceremony. We can do this now, then later once everything is okay with everyone, we can have a second wedding with our friends and family out on the cliff. What do you think? Shelby has a carrier, she can come with us. Do you want to?”

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