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Episode 845: Breathe

Ryley rushed into the hospital room, racing straight to her bedside, reaching for her hand. “I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, there were so many people going places for Halloween, and then an accident held everything up, then I had a car accident, but at least the cop actually got me here with you and-”

“Car accident?” Adria asked. “Are you okay?” She squeezed his hand tight.

“Just a couple bruises.” He inadvertently rubbed his aching forehead though stopped the moment he realized it might alarm her. “I think I just got into too much of a panic about getting here, and being here for you. I’m fine, it was a sort of fender bender, nothing compared to what you’re going through.”

Adria was drenched in sweat and in obvious discomfort.

“Is there anything I can-” From the corner of his eye, he suddenly realized they weren’t alone. What the hell? He forced his attention back to what really mattered, his wife, in labor. “Can I help somehow?”

“Listen to me,” she said, “please, I-”

“I’ll just go then,” Dustin announced.

“You do that,” Ryley snapped, trying his best not to contemplate the reasons the manipulative bastard had been there with Adria.

“I-” she paused for a pained breath. “I can exp-”

“There’s nothing to explain,” Dustin cut in, “she didn’t want me here, I only stayed because the hospital staff are run off there feet, they only seemed to give her a passing glance, so I thought to be safe, someone should be in here with her to go for help if she needs any, but you’re here now, and that’s great, and I’m gone, so just relax.”

The moment the door shut behind Dustin’s retreating figure, Adria started in, insisting “I can explain. This theater, I just wanted to sit on stage, he was there.” She took another breath. “I didn’t know he was there, then he just was and I was leaving and they say I passed out,” another breath “and I have a fever and contractions and I couldn’t get rid of him, I tried, I don’t like him, I like his work but I don’t like him.”

“It’s okay, really.” Ryley pressed a damp cloth to her forehead. “Let’s just focus on you and the baby and breathing.” He knew he’d be thinking about the guy later though, Dustin had taken enough from them, he’d put enough strain on Adria and their marriage, he wasn’t monopolizing this special day, too.

Episode 846: Spending My Time

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