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Episode 843: Where You Belong

The stage manager, Augustus, pulled Adria in for one of his legendary bear hugs though it didn’t work out so well with her overdue pregnant belly between them.

“It’s been too long,’’ he said. They’d worked together on high school productions and they’d stayed friends though they hadn’t been in touch in recent months.

“Yeah, I know,” Adria said. “Prep time for the big arrival has kind of taken me off the map, but when I heard this beautiful, beautiful theater might shut down I had to come by and talk to you.” She knew how out of sorts she’d felt lately with her own career upheaval so despite having to seriously waddle everywhere she went and wanting to be home in time for the first trick-or-treaters, she’d opted to check on her friend. “Like I said, I haven’t really been in the business lately, but if there’s anyone I know that you think might have a job opening for you, please let me know and I’ll make the calls.”

“Thanks, I may take you up on that at some point, but for now I’m still holding out hope for this place, rumor has it the boss has been in his office for awhile now with someone, maybe it’s an offer that’ll keep the theater going.”

“That would be so great.” Adria nodded vigorously as she tried to think of a gentle way to put in her next request. “I do really hope it works out, but well, if… I’ve never worked here and I always wanted to know what it was like to stand on that stage.”

“Say no more,” Augustus opened the auditorium door for her. “I have this parents night thing I need to get to at my kids school, but I’ll let our security guy know you’re here so just take your time and have your moment.”

Adria thanked him and left to make her way down the long theater aisle and up the stairs at the side of the stage. She was out of breath by the time she lowered herself to a seat center stage the way she always liked to take things in on a production. She figured the struggle to would be worth the view of the ornate ceilings and balconies, especially once she imagined a full audience and the spotlight on her as she dug into the heart and soul of the character.

“You’re back where you belong,” a too familiar voice said from behind her.

“I’m out of here.” She struggled to get to her feet, wobbling so much that Dustin rushed to her side to steady her. She was grateful that she hadn’t fallen, yet at the same time, she didn’t trust him. She stepped away from his hand. “I have to get home, I just wanted one last look around before the horrible new owner tears it down.”

“Fortunately, the new owner isn’t horrible, he’s me, and why settle for just one look around Adria when you could be here everyday, you could-”

“No.” She was glad the theater would remain in use with Dustin as the owner, but it didn’t make much difference for her, she wouldn’t work with him again, and for the moment, she didn’t know when she’d work with anyone again. “You’re not tempting me into anything so you can just quit talking. I’m taking an extended break from acting, I have other priorities, obviously.”

“Right, next Halloween you’ll obviously be satisfied to dress up some rugrat while you don’t get to play dress up at all.” The director crossed his arms and smirked as if he thought there was no way she’d stick to her guns.

“Putting my child ahead of myself won’t-” be a problem, Adria was going to say, however a problem occurred before she managed to get the words out. She doubled over, holding her pregnant stomach, in pain.

Episode 844: Misery

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