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Episode 841: Say You Say Me

“I still think he should have come with us,” Bowie said as he pulled away from their apartment building and steered the car in the direction of the clinic – without the patient.

“It’s not a big deal,” Lila insisted. “He didn’t need to come. He is still just a kid, he should be home having fun, playing video games or whatever with his little brother.”

“He isn’t just a kid, he’s a sick kid.” They’d already had this argument when they came home and Jesse had refused to go with them. Ultimately Jesse and Lila had won that argument, but Bowie was having a hard time letting it slide.

“It’s his body, he needs to take an active role in what’s happening to it.”

“It’s just one appointment that he doesn’t even need to be at, and who volunteers to go into a hospital type of environment if they don’t need to, it’s not fun. Besides, he’s going to be okay, this is just a formality, we’ll set up a time for whoever of us is donating to Jess and then that’ll be that. It’ll all be good.”

“It might not be that simple,” Bowie pointed out, he didn’t relish bursting his wife’s delusional bubble, at the same time though, she needed to at least be a little braced for the possibility that things wouldn’t be resolved as easily as she hoped.

“I don’t think it’s helping Jesse to give him a free pass when he needs to be involved,” Bowie said. “He might have a long road ahead of him, he might actually need to be in this fight not just relying on things being taken care of for him.”

“You’re being unnecessarily negative,” Lila snapped.

“I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. If it was as simple as us going in there this afternoon and arranging an appointment, why do we even need to meet with Dr. Marques? Why couldn’t it just be settled over the phone?”

“She wants us there in person telling her how wonderful she is,” Lila said. “She wants accolades for stepping in as a hero after being such a villain. That’s the only reason this wasn’t all taken care of over the phone with her assistant, she wants the glory.”

“I hope you’re right,” Bowie said, “I hope that’s all this is.”

Episode 842: Come Back Be Here

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