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Episode 835: Send Your Love

“Are you-” He winced, he didn’t want to say it, just imagining something like that, if he lost Tansy so young – not that it would be the same, Tansy wasn’t his daughter, still, it pained him deeply to consider it, and for Lucy, it may be a reality. Here he’d thought he was at a difficult point in his life, torn over Ava, but this…

“Are you-” He tried again. “Are you talking about your daughter?”

“Oh, oh no. My… My grandma, she passed away.”

“I’m sorry.” He hesitated before folding her into his embrace. After a moment, after they pulled apart, he said, “you were close?”

Lucy nodded. A minute or so passed before she followed up with words. “We were very close when I was a kid. But in my family, like I told you before, being single and pregnant, and handling it the way I did, no one looked on it all that fondly, including my grandmother. It’s been years since we were close. So much so that no one even called me, I had to read about it. I just, I’ve really missed her, more than anyone really. Sometimes I’ve thought if I just approached her maybe we could, I don’t know, talk it through, you know?”

She shook her head. “It hurts to realize that I let that possibility pass me by without ever trying. And then, on top of that, to find out this way, with no one giving me the chance to say goodbye.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond to this, what would comfort her, she was the professional advice giver, so he went with his gut and hoped it would be of some help to her. “Maybe saying goodby to her is a chance you need to take for yourself instead of waiting around for your family to offer up the opportunity.”

“It’s too late for goodbye, my grandmother is already gone.”

“Did the obit or whatever mention if they’d already have funeral or service?”


“You’ll say goodbye Thursday then.”

“No one’s called me, no one invited me. I couldn’t… Could I? They wouldn’t want me there.”

“Maybe you need to be there,” he said. “Maybe you need this goodbye so it isn’t weighing on you on top of everything with your daughter and your ex who keeps waffling on custody. I’m no expert, family isn’t something I know a lot about, but it seems to me you have a right to be there, if that’s what you think you need. If you can say goodbye some other way, good, but if you can’t, don’t let them stop you from being there, they’ve been unfair enough to you.”

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