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Episode 830: Sorry

Quentin did not want this woman anywhere near his family. But she was the best, that was what everyone said, even Sebastian, her son who had plenty of personal gripes and definite trust issues with her, he’d told them Jesse was in the best possible hands, he had said he wouldn’t hesitate to go to her with any medical problems.

So, here Bowie and Lila stood in the best doctor’s office, hand in hand, waiting, worrying. Jesse had said he was fine, but apparently he’d been saying that for a long while without it being true.

Bowie shook his head, disgusted that he hadn’t seen it. Being an observant and involved father, close to his kids, that was something he prided himself on, it was something that he’d kind of thought might separate him from Jesse’s biological father, well, now maybe Nate’s too, if they ever... if they had a choice to make.

He shook his head again as Dr. Marques entered the office, knowing it wasn’t right to focus on how he might end up out in the cold someday, a father to no one, this wasn’t the time to be concerned over what might happen to his life, it was time to be concerned over his son’s health. That’s what a real father would do, and as far as Bowie was concerned he the boys’ real father.

“Is he going to be okay?” Bowie asked.

“Please take a seat,” Katherine said, gesturing to two chairs in front of her desk.

When Bowie and Lila didn’t move, Katherine again stated, “please take a seat.”

It just didn’t seem like a good thing, her wanting them to sit, so they squeezed each other’s hands extra tight before they reluctantly did as the doctor instructed.

“Jesse claims he’s fine,” Lila said, “and offense intended, I’m way more inclined to believe something out of his mouth than out of yours.”

“All along I’ve meant to help not harm, but I don’t always say the right thing,” Katherine conceded, her hands clasped in front of her atop her desk. “I’m sorry about that. I’m so sorry about it that I’ve been meaning to offer you your job back as my assistant, this time without blackmail or threats on either side of the equation. This year’s garden party has already passed, of course, but there are still many other events on my schedule-”

“Why would you offer me a no-strings job?” Lila asked, tears gathering in her voice as she obviously thought along the same lines as Bowie.

“So it’s that bad for Jesse that you actually felt compelled to do something compassionate for Lila?”

Episode 831: Relax

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