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Episode 825: Love On The Brain

Ava stared out through the window. She couldn’t get enough of seeing him there.

Lila leaned across the bench seat in the back of the limousine that had chauffeured them to the ceremony, a surprise luxury courtesy of the groom. Adria's friend and now Ava’s new friend, Mateo had already exited the vehicle to take a seat amidst the small gathering of friends and family, leaving just Ava and her surprisingly not regrettable choice of maid of honor.

“He’s here,” Lila said, fussing a smidge more with Ava’s half-up, half-down hairdo. “So this is happening, no more doubts. And do not cry. You look pretty, crying is not pretty and it will not get likes on my insta, which means no one will hire me for their wedding, so don’t let me down.”

She squeezed Ava’s hand. “I’ll meet you at the altar soon to be Mrs, no panic attacks while we’re apart, okay?” With that, Lila stepped out of the car, leaving the door ajar for Ava’s dad to enter.

“Don’t freak her out,” Lila warned as Avalon’s father settled on the seat beside Ava.

Avalon watched from the limousine as Lila walked up the pretty aisle the kids had fashioned out of flowers and faux candles, and she smiled when, at the end of the aisle, Lila and Sebastian high-fived, the grin on his face, impossibly cute.

Her dad placed a hand on Ava’s shoulder, drawing her attention to him. With a grave look on his face he asked, “you really love this guy?”

This is really happening, Sebastian thought, struggling to stand still, to contain his joy as Avalon walked towards him on her father’s arm. The setting, cliff side where they’d shared some monumental moments in their relationship, the pinks and purples of the sun slowly appearing, the twinkling candlelight, the dress white lace, sleeves off her shoulders, so pretty. More than all that though, was just her. This person he loved with everything in his heart, this person he’d do anything to be with always.

The sight of her walking towards him, choosing him, it kind of made him gasp. For a second, when everyone else gasped, he thought the sight of her had the same effect on them, but then he realized no, that wasn’t it, they’d gasped because one of the guests had fallen off their chair, collapsed.

Episode 826: If I Were Brave

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