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Episode 816: Let It Be

“This is so cool,” Nate said. He and Jesse trailed behind Bowie and Sebastian as they approached the gazebo.

Bowie turned back to his sons, obviously taking care not to blind them with the beam of the flashlight. “Just so we’re clear, this is a one time thing. This is not me giving you permission to sneak around other people’s property in the middle of the night, and it’s definitely not permission to break and enter.”

“To be clear,” Sebastian said, borrowing Bowie’s phrase. “It’s my parents property and they don’t have a problem with me sneaking around on it.”

Sebastian shook his head, he’d thought he and Bowie were friends now, or at least closer to friends than all the shade Bowie was now throwing at him.” He jangled a set of keys. “We’re not breaking and entering, either.”

“But you’re not telling him that we’re here, why is that?”

“Because I don’t know what I’m doing about them yet. I have friends, and a fiancee to consider, my parents don’t exactly have the best history with any of you, hell, they barely have a good history with me. So, I don’t know. I… I want them there, they’re my parents, but… I don’t know.”

Sebastian turned away and opted to focus on the task at hand, given that he had a long list of items to check-off in a short time period. He unlocked the gazebo and instructed everyone to gather as many flowers as they could carry.

He ended up standing next to Bowie, far enough away from the boys that he thought he should use the opportunity to clear the air. “I know you think I’m no good, that it’s suspicious to rush things like this and you’re worried about Ava, but I promise all I want is for her to be happy and getting the stress of the wedding off her shoulders will do that, so could you maybe just for the next couple hours set aside your mistrust and help make your best friend happy.”

Bowie didn’t say anything, not for awhile, not until Bas had filled a box with potted flowers. “Invite your parents,” Bowie said, “we’ll all deal, it’ll be okay.”

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