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Episode 815: It's Now Or Never

“I’m so, so sorry, we shouldn’t have woken you up like this,” Avalon said with a cringe. “We weren’t thinking, clearly. Please apologize to the boys for us, and I’m going to bake you guys something tomorrow, bring it over to make this up to you. I really am sorry, we both are. C’mon, Sebastian.” She placed a hand on his arm. “Let’s go, we’re keeping them from sleep, it’s not right.”

“It’s exactly right,” Sebastian said. “They’re supposed to be our friends, they shouldn’t mind losing a little sleep to be supportive. You guys should be happy for us that we’re finally tying the knot. You should be asking what you can do to help.”

“Ava,” Bowie said. “This isn’t you, this insanity can’t be what you really want.”

“She wants to get married,” Sebastian insisted without leaving Avalon any room to respond.

Ordinarily, Sebastian answering for her would have been a bone of contention, but this wasn’t ordinary, this was the marriage she wanted, and her irrational fears of being left at the altar. She wasn’t sure if left to her own devices that she could be brave enough to put herself in such a vulnerable position again. She figured she needed a push, she needed to let him sweep her along into a whirlwind, where she wouldn’t have time to over-think, and neither would he.

But that had led them here, to being totally inconsiderate of their friends.

“We should go,” Ava reluctantly repeated.

“No, no, stay,” Lila said, earning a baffled look from her husband. She turned to Bowie. “If I want to be a planner, I need some actual events to my credit, this would be something different. And I know half the time I’ve known her, I’ve kind of hated her, but Ava’s been there for me in a couple big moments, including our wedding day, so,” Lila grabbed Ava’s hand and even gave it a squeeze, “she and I are going to rummage through my closet right now to see if I have anything we can put to use to pull this thing off.”

Her eyes met Ava’s as she added, “we are going to pull this off.”

Episode 816: Let It Be

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