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Episode 813: I Don't Wanna Wait

“Okay, I guess I didn't think that out,” Sebastian admitted, finally giving up on pounding on the darkened doors of City Hall. “Obviously they wouldn't be open at this time of night.”

“It's alright,” Ava said. She pressed a hand to Sebastian's shoulder.

“It's not. I told you I would fix it and I haven't done that yet.” He pulled away from her touch and paced across the top of the concrete steps, searching him mind for a solution. “Hey, I know, my mom and dad, they're friends with the mayor, I could get them to call him and-”

“Your intentions are enough,” Ava said. She stepped in front of him and looped her arms around his neck. “You realize if someone had been here tonight, there would have been no turning back, we'd have been married within minutes.”

“I do realize that.” Sebastian kissed her forehead. “That was the point, to be married in minutes and exorcise your demons. If we don't wait, we won't worry anymore.”

“You were really going to go through with this,” she said, her fingers toying with the back of his hair.

“I really was, I really want to.” Sebastian shook his head, beyond annoyed with himself. “I should have realized this place would be closed, I should have given it more thought and now, because I didn't, you'll probably think that was my strategy, just so you'd believe I'd go through with it, when I knew I didn't have to. But I swear I hadn't thought about it being closed, this was just a bad idea, and I mean, you almost married another guy here, so yeah, bad, bad idea, so we'll scrap that, but not the idea of getting married tonight. I'm not giving up on that, I'm-”

“It's late, Bas, and I don't think you heard me. I said your intentions were enough. I believe you. I know you were really going to go through with it tonight and I think that's enough, I think I'll be okay to wait now.”

“I'm so glad you believe me, but I said I'd fix this tonight and I will, you just have to trust me, I have a new plan.” Once his mind had latched on to the idea of immediately getting married, it suddenly seemed like the only thing to do, the only way to stop something from going wrong, he was determined to move full-steam ahead and become Avalon's husband.

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