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Episode 812: Supposed To Be

Ava forced herself to step back from him though she left her hands on his chest. It wasn't like she wanted to sever their connection, it just felt like the thing to do for self-preservation. “What if marriage is only what you think you want, it's what you think is supposed to happen because we live together and it's been awhile so it just seems logical to get married, it's not that you've really thought about whether it's what you actually want.”

Sebastian shook his head and drew her closer into his arms again, and she wasn't opposed to the move even though maybe she should have been, the nearness of him wasn't exactly conducive to clear thinking.

“Ava, I know I want to marry you. There isn't any doubt in my mind and it's not because it's what I'm supposed to do, you know me, you know I'm not really the kind of guy who does something because he's supposed to, I want to marry you because I'm desperately in love with you and it would be a lot easier to be desperately in love with you if I was actually with you for the rest of my life, so marriage is exactly what I want.”

“If you're so eager to settle down, why did you want to go clubbing tonight?”

“The two things aren't mutually exclusive. We've had fun going out on dates in the past, that's what I wanted tonight to be, just simple and fun, to take your mind off stressing over the wedding, especially since there is no reason to stress over the wedding, I promise. Now though, instead of having fun, you've shoved me at a woman I really didn't want to be shoved at.”

“I really don't want to shove you at anyone else,” Ava said, sniffing back tears. “I don't know what's wrong with me, I am freaking out over this wedding, I guess because the last one was just so… crushing. So I'm scared and I know it probably is stupid and irrational and you probably do want to show up-”

“I do. I will. We will. C'mon,” he took her by the hand, “I know what to do to make you feel better.”

Episode 813: I Don't Wanna Wait

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