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Episode 811: The Moment I Knew

Even after he said her name she kept her back to him, her posture noticeably tense in the moonlight.

Had she found out that their bank loan wasn't actually from the bank? Was that why she'd told him to dance with that other woman? They'd agreed not to get all tangled up with his parents and end up under their thumb, right where they liked people. That was the only thing she'd asked of him, just to be independent, and he'd let her think they were, he'd lied to her.

And now she knew.


But maybe not. He intended to hold on to that hope as long as he could.

“Ava,” he said again, daring to move closer, daring to wrap his arms around her waist from behind. She didn't throw him off, so surely this was about something else, something not his fault. Surely.

“Why did you do that?” He asked. His heart beat fast in his chest, he hoped she somehow felt it against her spine, that it would prompt her to say something reassuring. Even if she didn't know that he lied, there was still something big enough going on that she'd barely spoken to him all night, and then she'd become his matchmaker or whatever. “Why push me at someone else?”

He heard and felt her take a deep breath. She turned in his arms, facing him, tears slipping down her cheeks.

“I...” She took another breath. “If you're going to leave, I need you to do it now, not wait until our wedding day and not show-”

Sebastian decided to cut her off with a kiss, what he hoped to be the most powerful, convincing kiss he'd ever planted on anyone. She shifted in his arms just enough that he knew the moment her knees weakened, he knew the moment to stop and say, “I'm not leaving. Not ever. The first time I saw you, way, way back when you were a cashier at the market, that moment, right then, I knew I wanted to be near you, always, if you'll remember I wasn't exactly subtle about wanting to be near you. All I've wanted for the longest time is to just have the chance that Xavier blew, just to have that day where I show up and marry you.”

Episode 812: Supposed To Be

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