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Episode 81: A Broken Wing

Justine shuffled her feet into the small kitchen right on past her husband who was standing over the sink eating a piece of dry toast and on to the coffeepot to pour herself another cup.

Quentin dusted off his hands and let the water run, watching it wash down every last crumb. "Want me to make you something to eat Just? When was the last time you had anything?"

"No thank you," she replied softly and took a seat at the table, she sat there sipping her black coffee and staring off into space like some sort of zombie.

Quent sat across from her and bent to lace up his shoes. "You know, I could take the day off today, if you wanted we could go do something together, maybe we could-"

"No Quentin, you should go to work, I have plenty to do around here." She said sounding like a voice from some automated machine rather than the wife he knew.

His hand made a fist as it lay on the lace tablecloth. "Are you really planning on doing something today Justine or are you going to keep moping around here? Iím not trying to be mean but youíve got to snap out of this, I mean, what can we do? When weíre ready to have a baby weíll have a baby simple as that, this deadline of yours isnít real Just,"

She continued to sit there, she didnít frown she didnít move.

He reached for her hand and straightened the small ring on her third finger. "Do you think you could try to feel better? - For me, I hate seeing you like this. I- I donít know what Iím supposed to do," he kissed her cold forehead and stood to leave. "Maybe youíll get out of those pajamas sometime today and we can go out to dinner or something, huh?"

Episode 82: Stop Falling

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