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Episode 809: One Way Or Another

“So, something's wrong with your car?” Quentin asked after greeting his brother-in-law.

Ryley hovered near the open door of Quent's office, the young man's red hair nearly matching the quick rise of color in his usually pale complexion. “I don't want to take up your time. I shouldn't have dropped by unannounced like this, you're in the middle of working, just now you were on your way back out to work on a car right? So, yeah, sorry, I thought maybe… well, we've barely spoken to each other, I shouldn't-”

“You're married to my wife's sister, you're family.” Quentin closed the office door. “The car I was about to work on, the guy isn't supposed to pick it up until the end of the day, I have time to talk. What's going on? Is something wrong with Adria?”

Quentin's chest tightened a bit at the thought, not only did he genuinely like his sister-in-law, but how it would affect Justine, who lately had been in a really good place.

“Is something wrong with the pregnancy?”

“No, no, not healthwise, but that is why I came here. I work a lot and in my spare time, I mostly just want to be with Addie, she's my best friend. I do have brothers, but they live a long way away and they haven't really dealt with anything like this, but you have. I know this is really personal, the things you and Justine have been through, and we're not really close, so-”

“I'm happy to help if I can, I wish I'd had someone to go to,” Quentin said motioning for Ryley to take a seat as he did the same. With him in coveralls and Ryley in a suit, they looked like they were from different worlds but some things were universal. “Justine's had her struggles emotionally, you're about that happening Adria?”

Ryley nodded. “She loved to act, but a few years ago, her parents convinced her it wasn't a worthy career-”

“They've done a serious number on Justine, too.”

“Yeah, well, that's what they did to Ad, she quit acting, and she was miserable. Now, with the baby on the way, she's decided she has to put her acting on hold to devote all her attention to the baby. I've tried to talk to her about it, not having to be all or nothing, so far she's not listening. I'm worried about what it might do to her. Maybe she is doing exactly the right thing for her, I don't know...” Ryley scrubbed his flushed face. “So, I mean, you've been through this with her sister, am I overreacting or should I really be concerned?”

Episode 810: Dance With Somebody

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