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Episode 804: I Never Told You

It was only when they opened the pizza box that they were reminded it was Valentine's Day. Sure, at school there had been the usual joy and broken hearts the day brought, including another prank Valentine sent to Tansy, which the girl refused to discuss with anyone, much to Lucy's distress.

But, in the context of her own life, Lucy hadn't really considered what the night signified until she faced the heart-shaped pizza on her coffee table.

“I'm sorry,” she turned to where he sat near her on the sofa, “I wasn't really thinking about what tonight is, I was just… after seeing Tansy and some other kids upset today, I just thought it would be nice to watch a comedy and laugh with someone, but I mean, now I'm feeling like I probably put you on the spot when I called, I'm sure you'd rather spend tonight in a more romantic context with someone-”

“I'm glad you called, I've been thinking about calling you since Christmas.”

“About Tansy?” She asked.

“No, I mean, yeah, it's nice to talk to you about the kid, it's reassuring, but I was actually wanting to call you about something else,” he then quickly added, “not a date. I just… I wanted to call you about that thing you said Christmas morning.”

His hands stumbled around a bit as he attempted to peel off a slice of pizza. Eventually he set it on a plate and handed it to her, then proceeded to fumble some more retrieving his own slice. It struck Lucy as a stalling tactic, probably unconscious, but a stalling tactic, nonetheless.

She decided not to push him into talking, she would let him take the time he needed, patience was a skill that served her well in her job, and she hoped as a friend, too.

He cleared his throat. “That thing you said about us spilling our guts to one another,” he finally said, “I've been thinking I might like to do that, I just keep chickening-”

“Saved by a knock at the door,” Lucy said, standing up.

“Yeah, I guess,” he said, sounding torn, like he wasn't sure whether to be glad for the interruption or not.

“I'll get rid of whoever it is,” Lucy said. She squeezed his shoulder. “Then we'll really talk, I think we both have things we need to share with someone. After, we'll watch that comedy. This'll be good.”

Not so good was opening the door and finding Paul on the other side.

He saw her guest. “Seriously,” Paul said. “I've been agonizing over what's right, over what to do with out daughter, meantime, you're on a date?”

Episode 805: Leave Me Alone I'm Lonely

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