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Episode 80: The Last To Know

"Mary it is so nice to see youíre well enough to come for dinner," Iris Landon announced bringing the last dish of green beans to the crowded table.

"I just like to see Ava get out more, and sheíll do that only on days when Iím feeling better," Mary replied to Bowieís mother, as Avalon buttered a roll, pretending not to hear.

"Arenít you seeing that young man-, um Sebastian? He doesnít seem like much of a homebody to me," Hugh remarked. "Pass the salt please Bowie."

Maryís fork rattled against the china plate. "Avalon, when were you planning on telling me that youíre dating Sebastian Marques, is he the boy that drives you home at all hours of the night?" She asked, her voice quavering.

Ava made a face, and kicked Bowie under the table, was there anything he didnít tell his parents; maybe Iris knew her bra size. "I donít have anything to tell you mom, you know that I work for Mrs. Marques, Iím bound to run into him once in awhile, thatís all."

Iris took one look at Maryís pallid face and decided to change topics. "Mary have you heard about Lila Benson, that young lady who worked at the market with the kids? Well, sheís got herself some big secretarial job, a nice new apartment, weíre all really proud of her arenít we Bowie?"

Bowie lifted his head and gave a little nod as Avalon reached over and squeezed his hand; his father Hugh dropped the big news. "Weíve pretty well decided to sell Landon Market."

"I think Iím going to throw up." Bowie replied.

Episode 81: A Broken Wing

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