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Episode 797: Merry Merry

“I don't understand,” Talia said, her eyes growing teary, and he'd be lying if he said those eyes didn't affect him, they did, he felt bad, he felt sorry for her, but ultimately that didn't change the other things he felt just then.

“I thought we were okay, better than okay even,” she went on, “I thought we were almost… for real. And, I mean, it's Christmas Eve, when you hand someone a carefully wrapped and carefully selected gift, they're not supposed to hand it back to you.” She tried again to give him the gift wrapped in shiny green paper and again he pressed it back into her hand.

“I don't understand,” Talia repeated. “We were fine last we talked, weren't we? I mean, wasn't that last talk about a price limit on gifts. So gifts were expected. I really don't understand.”

“Well, I don't understand how one child could threaten to spill another child's secrets at a family gathering, sure it didn't happen, but the threat was there, it was made clear to Tansy that the threat is still there. I just don't understand someone who would hang that over her sweet head, what kind of kid does that? Somehow, that's the child you raised and that doesn't exactly have me eager to spend the holiday with you. If that means you're going to tell the world who I am, then tell them, it'll just be another example of what a fine person you are.”

Talia stood there a moment swiping at her tears until finally, without another word, she shoved the gift at him again, and walked out before he could give it back.

He sat beside the present on the sofa for a good long while, and when he couldn't sit there anymore, when he couldn't take the silence anymore he threw on his coat and went for a walk with no particular destination in mind. And, of course, it wouldn't be his luck if he didn't cross paths with Avalon and Sebastian, while he made sure they didn't see him, he saw them, he saw their hands joined, he saw the warmth between them, he saw the life he might have had. That was beyond fixing, he knew that, still, for whatever reason, he landed on the doorstep of the person whose job it was to fix problems, the person who seemed to have problems of her own and she didn't really need to be burdened with him on Christmas Eve.

Episode 798: Home For Christmas

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