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Episode 796: Holly Jolly Christmas

Xavier wasn't really a fan of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but over the years he'd come to realize that having that having some people to shop for was better than having no one at all, even if it meant braving the crowds and an endless loop of Christmas carols on the soundsystem. Ordinarily he didn't do the crowd thing, he'd pick some small, out of the way mom and pop place to buy gifts, however, Tansy, had told him her counselor had her gift-wrapping after school for a charity drive, and Xavier figured the kid could use all the support he had to give.

So, he'd decided to put up with all the noise, the jostling, and the long lines of rude people who thankfully were too consumed with consuming to recognize the once famous person in their midst, and he was glad he did the moment he approached the gift-wrapping station, greeted by Tansy and Lucy's smiles.

“I thought you don't like malls,” Tansy said.

“I'm guessing he decided to make an exception to cheer on one of his favorite people,” Lucy said, giving Tansy's shoulder a squeeze. However, not a second later, the school counselor wore a distracted look on her face, which turned into cagey body language which Xavier understood only too well, as he'd spent plenty of years trying to avoid being seen, too.

Lucy ended up being spotted by some guy, and with obvious reluctance, she stepped away from the booth to talk to him.

“I don't know who that he is,” Tansy offered with a frown, “but both times I've seen him show up, it upsets her. She's so nice, too, so it sucks.”

“Yeah, it does.” Xavier agreed. The more animated he saw Lucy's conversation become, the more inclined he felt to walk over there and take her out of the situation.

But right then Tansy held up the scarf in her cousin Molly's favorite color and she said, “this isn't for Molly, is it?” and she went on to tell him about the tree trimming party and her cousin's veiled threats and Xavier knew he needed to stay there and offer Tansy words of comfort, he wanted to do that, but he also wanted to go do the same for Lucy.

Episode 797: Merry Merry

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