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Episode 789: I Wish You Would

Lucy turned the doorknob, a plastic pumpkin full of candy in hand, and mixed emotions in her heart. Throughout the evening she'd wondered if a well-meaning Michael would stop by with Hope, and Lucy could not decide how she felt about the possibility, so, each time she opened the door, she did so with trepidation.

Once she did open the door, she made sure to smile, to, with a little effort compliment the children on their costumes, and not wonder what her own child might be up to right that minute, if she looked just as happy.

Thankfully though, not every trick or treat visit required such an effort, one Little Red Riding Hood did genuinely bring her joy. “Tansy, your costume looks so great!”

“Thanks,” the young girl beamed. “Your tiara's pretty, I meant to tell you that at school today, I was just… not in a good mood.”

“Oh, thank you, it was kind of a last minute costume, fairy princess isn't that original but it's easy to put together, kind of like a vampire costume.” She gestured to Tansy's tall, dark companion, family friend, and occasional babysitter, Mick, who, other than fake fangs, was dressed as his normal self.

He removed the fangs to speak more clearly. “I'm sure this was even more last minute than yours. Our trick-or-treating was an impromptu decision. The kid insisted she was through with all that, so her parents took her little brother to this family event at… at a bookstore.” The bookstore, for whatever reason seemed to trip him up a fair amount, though, he eventually recovered. “Anyway, I could tell Tansy was itching to be in on the fun, so I suggested we head out in her dad's car to another neighborhood.”

“The kids at school, I-” It was clearly hard for Tansy to admit, the poor thing. “I just don't want to give them more reasons to be rough on me.”

“Oh, sweetie.” Lucy squeezed the girl's shoulder. “I think there were probably a lot of kids feeling the same way today, you're not as alone as you think. That's why I wore this to school today, I was hoping to show everyone that it's okay to have fun, no matter your age.”

“Lots of them think it's uncool,” Tansy said, “but I am having fun.”

“I'm so glad,” Lucy said, giving the girl double the candy she'd given to anyone else.

“Speaking of uncool,” Mick ventured with apparent hesitation. “That first day of school, you seemed pretty troubled by something, is everything okay now?”

“That was just standard first day jitters, nothing earth shattering.” That was a total lie, and Mick seemed to see that he seemed to understand and yet he chose not to press the issue which kind of made her wish he would.

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