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Episode 781: Daylight

It wasn't quite the anniversary Quentin wanted it to be, the actual alone time with his wife less than he'd prefer, though the occasion wasn't as terrible as it might have been, either.

Hoping to perk up his daughter, Quent handed Tansy an ice cream cup with rainbow sprinkles that he'd crossed the sandy beach to buy for her. She accepted it with a shrug before cranking the volume on the audiobook in her earbuds.

That, whatever was going on with his girl, whatever had been dogging his daughter for the past year, it definitely wasn't what Quentin wanted it to be, it landed on the terrible side of things.

Quent took a seat on the blanket next to her, and near his brother-in-law. Ryley, pale, freckled, and red-haired, wasn't built for days at the beach, he seemed to require a slathering of sunscreen every half hour. It spoke volumes about the guy that he hadn't complained. Quent was happy he'd ended up with this brother-in-law along for the trip rather than the other one. Not that he disliked Sebastian exactly, it was just that, the guy had yet to really grow up, he still did things without thinking them through, having him along would feel like having another child to watch out for rather than a fellow adult who could watch out for the kids.

To be fair to Sebastian, drama seemed to be in the guy's genes, every Marques, including Quent's own wife, were inclined towards turmoil. Until he'd met Justine, Quentin hadn't been aware that feuds actually happened within families, not just between opposing families. Fortunately, however, his wife and her sister appeared to be on good terms this particular weekend.

He gazed out to the water where Justine, her sister, Adria, and his little guy, Hero, splashed and laughed in the shallows. When he'd first considered a weekend getaway for their anniversary, he'd doubted Justine would want to leave their kids overnight, let alone over two nights, but she also wouldn't want to let him down, either. She still had this thing where she tore herself up to be the perfect employee, wife, and mother than no one could possibly be. So, he'd thought maybe if he ticked two of those boxes, where they'd have husband and wife time, and still be comfortably near their kids even if the kids were occasionally off with Adria and Ryley, maybe she'd agree with the idea, and now here they were, and she was, gratifyingly, the most relaxed her husband had seen her in a while.

A family trip, so far at least, seemed an ideal solution for Justine, it had him thinking that maybe there was a glimmer of daylight at the end of his wife's long, and sometimes quite dark tunnel of anxiety. Now, if only he could come up with a similarly ideal solution for his daughter.

Episode 782: The One

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