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Episode 774: Wheels

Bowie stopped packing up his supplies to answer his cell, surprised to see his best friend’s number rather than his wife.

"Hey," he said, "what’s with the heavy breathing, Ava?" His forehead wrinkled in concern. Ava sounded as if someone were chasing her. "What’s going on? Are you okay?"

Between gasps for air, Avalon said, "Lila ran out on the party, worried, we couldn’t catch her."

Bowie grimaced. "I was just finishing up early so I could head over and give her a hand. This was such a big deal to her, why would she run out? What happened?"

By then, Ava had mostly regained her breath. "Right from the start, Bas and I knew something was off with her, she seemed frazzled, and she pretty much made a mess of the party."

"Dammit, I knew she was stressed, and then she called me and told me she and Bowie had some sort of blow up, and he left. I should have dropped work right then, to help her out, I-"

"Bo, no, don’t beat yourself up, there was no helping her. Bas and I tried when we saw she was in the weeds, but, I mean, she was just in total self-destruct mode, and then to see her take off like that, looking so upset, I wish we’d managed to catch up with her before she dove into her car and sped off. We’re worried."

"Yeah, me, too. This garden party meant so much to her career plan, for her to royally screw it up, and then take off… I don’t know, it’s not like her to give up without a fight."

"Maybe she ran after Jesse," Ava suggested. "Maybe their blow up had her distracted from her work and finally she decided to hell with it, I’m going to find him. Lila has a history of doing some sketchy things, but not lately, and I’ve never doubted that she loves her kids. So, maybe that’s where she is, maybe she’s straightening things out with Jesse and we have nothing to worry about."

Episode 775: Nowhere To Run

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