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Episode 772: Trouble With The Truth

"Whatís up? Everything okay with the party?" Bowie asked at the other end of the phone connection. "Iím pretty busy with this landscape, but if you need me, Iíll try to get away for a bit."

Her husband didnít sound angry or upset yet. Jesse must not have gone to him. Lila considered that both a relief and troubling. "Hey," she said, "so, um, Iím worried about Jesse." Not just that he might tell Bowie what heíd overhead, that was the least of her concerns. Her sonís state of mind concerned her more. Heíd been so upset.

"Jesse and IÖ we werenít getting along. Heís really distressed. He took off. If you see him, Bo, would you call me, no matter what." No matter if he hated her so much that he no longer wanted to talk to her. "I just need to know heís okay."

"Of course, Iíll call. Iím sure itís not as big a deal as you think. Youíre just stressed over the party and heís a teenager so you clashed, itís kind of inevitable. Iím sure heíll be back soon, or headed home the minute he cools off."

"Lila," Katherine snapped in the near distance. "Youíre on the phone, now?"

Lila hadnít told Katherine about Jesse overhearing their conversation. Nor did she have any intention of sharing that information. Her son had enough upsetting him without Katherine threatening him, as she seemed prone to do.

"Sounds like you need to go," Bowie said. "Lila, itíll be fine. If heís not home for dinner and doesnít call, then weíll worry, okay?"

But Lila did worry about Jesse. She made a mess of the garden party, totally disorganized, spilling things, if it was possible for it to go wrong, it did. Katherine stayed on her case throughout the day, and everything just seemed that much worse when Lila found some of the business cards sheíd handed out, tossed aside. Her last shred of dignity and hope, in the trash. Tears flooded her eyes and spilled over her cheeks. She couldnít do it anymore. She felt every fiber of her being crack open. She ran off with Katherine calling after her.

Episode 773: Sweet Child

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