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Episode 771: Bye Bye Love

Lila ducked away from the party preparations, overwhelmed again, and more than a little afraid that her secret would be exposed, and in the most undesirable way.

Given that Lila and Dr. Marques were the only ones who knew her youngest sonís paternity might be in question, there was no reason to worry and obsess like this, she had to get it together, stop with the distractions and focus. If she impressed people, they might hire her for their events as well. Then, maybe Bowie and the boys would at least have a reason to be proud of her.

She pulled the small ribbon from the pocket of her fancy pink and white striped circle skirt as Katherine spotted her there in one of the mansionís upstairs dens.

"Thereís an awful lot to do today," Katherine said, "should you really be doing nothing right now? Whatís that in your hand?"

"Nateís team won the math thing. They gave this blue ribbon to him, and he passed it to me for today. He said he knew Iíd get the win today, too."

"There you go," Katherine nodded, "proof the boy believes in you, all the more reason to button your lips. Do you think heíll hand out blue ribbons after he discovers that you cheated on his father?"

"I know," Lila said, "I know youíre right. Iím trying to keep quiet. Iím trying."

"More than try," Katherine instructed before she left Lila alone in the room. Only it turned out Lila wasnít alone.

A sofa faced the fireplace, and unbeknownst to Lila, her eldest son had chosen it as a resting place. He stood up and faced her. She tried desperately to shift the balance of power by asking him why heíd been lazing about when sheíd hired him to help. The diversion didnít work.

Jesse glared at her, his eyes filled with tears. "Why would you mess everything up? We had it good. We had it really good."

Lila nodded. She cried, too.

"Why would you cheat on Dad? Heís the best. How do you not know that?"

"I do. I do. You donít understand, Jess, I was stupid and this happened a long time-"

"I donít want to hear the excuses, there are no excuses," Jesse said, and stormed out.

Episode 772: Trouble With The Truth

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