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Episode 770: She's Gotta Be

"Mom, youíre not-" Youíre not having an affair, are you, Jesse had almost asked. She looked so guilty of something. It was the last question he wanted to ask her, it was the last situation he wanted to hide from his dad to keep their family together, so Jesse was relieved when his dad and brother showed up just then.

For the moment, Jesse didnít have to ask, he didnít have to get involved, he didnít have yet another secret to keep. His own secret was tough enough to handle.

Jesse was more than ready to focus on something other than his and his momís problems. He was especially pleased to focus on that something else when it plastered a big smile on his little brother Nateís face.

"Guess whoís a mathlete and will probably sub in the last meet of the year?" Their dad asked, also sporting a wide grin.

"Thatís awesome," Jesse enthused, beyond happy that his sick spell had ended a few minute earlier, and he had the energy to hug his little brother and properly congratulate him.

Their mom, however, must have still been caught up in her own drama. It took her more than a couple beats to get it together enough to kiss Nateís forehead and tell him how proud everyone was.

She then said there was some mix-up about the flowers for the garden party that she had to deal with right away before it all blew up in her face. Somehow, Jesse thought she could handle any flowers problem during actual store hours, rather than dinner, but his dad didnít seem to suspect anything, he was super supportive.

His dad seemed to accept that his mom was only wound up because she wanted to do the best job possible. Dad actually said weíre proud of you, too, to her. Jesse, meantime, just hoped Mom wasnít giving them a reason to be miserable rather than proud.

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