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Episode 766: Dilemma

It wasnít unusual for Lila to drop by the bookshop given her friendship with Sebastian, and her role as their wedding planner, still, the moment Ava saw Lila walk in, she sensed something else was up, something not good.

Lilaís eyes were frantic, and maybe a little red - had she been crying?

While Ava chatted with a customer and rang up a sale, she noted how Lila sped up and down the aisles, her head practically on a swivel searching for something.

Just as Ava finished up with the customer, Lila scurried towards the backroom, and Ava realized she was, in fact, searching for someone. "Sebastian isnít here," she called out, stopping Lila in her tracks. "His dad demanded some bonding time, itís one of those rare days I guess where Phillip Marques understood thereís more to parenting than just trying to control his kidsí lives."

"Fantastic timing. So, Bas wonít be back soon?"

"Probably not. Sorry."

"Oh. Okay. Well. Bye." Lila shot Ava the most forlorn look and headed for the exit, mumbling, "maybe itís just as well."

"Hey, wait a sec." Ava caught up with Lila at the door. With the wedding plans her least favorite activity, and their not always friendly rapport, reaching out to Lila did not feel like the most natural thing in the world. Lila clearly didnít think so either.

"I just thought Bas might be here, that maybe I could talk to him." Lila sniffled, obviously fighting off tears. "Heís not here though, so I guess, whatever, right?"

"You could talk to me," Ava offered. "Remember we said weíd try talking. Iíd like to listen. Iíd like to help if I can. You lookÖ Iím kind of worried about you, Lila."

"I donít think I should talk about it." Lila chewed on her lower lip. "Iím not even sure it was a good idea to talk to Sebastian, itís just, you know, I was in desperate need of sympathy, and heís made some massive mistakes, too, so I thought he might sort of understand."

Episode 767: Reckless

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